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“Thank you for helping to re-kindle our marriage. We both loved your energy right from the start. Your professional, re-assuring and optimistic style helped to instill hope for our stagnant marriage. Your coaching was extremely impactful right from the start. The tools you provided us were practical, time - manageable and effective within our conflicting work schedules. My husband and I couldn’t be happier to be working with you.”
— R & K, Burnaby, BC
I am Terri Besworth and the current PAC Chair for Baker Drive Elementary. I have been wanting to offer back to the parents of Baker Drive parents an educational resource option for them and so when I met Corinne, I was excited. We were at a women’s networking event and Corinne shared with me what her passion is to the world and I instantly invited her to speak to our PAC.

In March 2019, Corinne came and did the “Rock the Sex Talk - Beyond the Birds and Bees” talk. All the 40+ parents that were there each got something from her talk. Everyone left with action items that they could start the conversation right away with their kids. The most importantly felt more confidence in how to handle the discussion. 100% of the families all wanted Corine to come back again at least once year, as well they would recommend this talk and Corinne to other parents. I see that this event next year will be ‘standing room only’ and most importantly the children of Baker Drive Elementary will have parents who are creating a positive open space for the discussion around sex to happen.

Thank you Corinne for being your amazing self and for helping us all live a sex positive life!
— Terri Besworth

For years I was not aware of how my past traumas were implicating my life – my relationship with myself, my kids and husband. With Corinne’s help, I was able to create huge awareness of what was holding me back and set healthy goals for myself to bring back pleasure in my life. Thank you Corinne!
— Coaching Client

Rock the Sex Talks truly set the foundation for me to integrate sex education in my home. I highly recommend Corinne to all parents!
— Parent

Corinne is professional, approachable, kind and understanding. For the first time, I was able to gain clarity regarding the matters that were concerning me and move forward in the direction that was best for me with guidance and support.
— Coaching Client

Thank you so much for the information that you provided my daughter. You gave her with so much useful information and I learned a lot too! Thank you also for being so approachable and taking the awkwardness out of sex education. She and I feel comfortable knowing we have a person to turn to for support and education
— Parent of a 14-year-old (education session)

I just wanted to say I had such a wonderful time last Thursday. You made the atmosphere so lovely and you are so very approachable. I just wanted you to know how enjoyable it was and how you are so killing it!!!
I can’t believe how warped my thought process was... I have literally been saying anything I can these past few days to try and open that dialogue! My daughter still squirms but I was able to get a few things out that I wanted to and honestly that’s thanks to you!!
I wanted to inquire more about your services! You had mentioned a class you are doing with ages 8-13 (or something like that?) I just know my daughter fell into the category, so I wanted to know more!
Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!
— Parent of a 9 year- old (Rock the Sex Talks)

I was going through my own life-changing process of self-analysis when I decided to reach out to Corinne. It is hard to look yourself in the mirror and be compassionate and objective with yourself. All of the comments and opinions of others come spilling forth and it becomes difficult to see what is actually true.

Corinne has a very gentle way of guiding you through the tangled ball of yarn that is our emotions and self-doubts. She helped me get clear on a few things I struggled to face as I embarked on a new career in my middle age. I felt supported. Most importantly for me, she is someone I can trust to listen to me and provide perspective, without judgement. She helped me work on tools that I could use when self-doubt and fear of stepping into bigger and better challenges threatened to overwhelm and paralyze me.
— MPO, Vancouver, BC

For just over a year, I have been undergoing some major life transitions. To help me navigate these changes, I have been most fortunate to have the skilled guidance and coaching of Corinne Underwood.

This remarkable woman has been in my life as a co-worker, friend, and now coach. Corinne’s gentle probing has helped me to organize priorities, recognize what is most important to me, and take action to accomplish those tasks necessary to get me to my goals. I am always amazed at the difference in my feelings from the beginning of our sessions to the end. I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, to feeling empowered and capable of taking on each challenge. I think this is a gift that is inherent in Corinne’s character and I have benefitted greatly from her skillful enquiries and well-directed questions. Her compassion and thoughtfulness are also very much appreciated!

I would not hesitate to recommend Corinne to anyone who is considering taking advantage of all that having a coach can provide. As someone who doesn’t like to share personal “stuff” with others, I urge you to consider taking on a Corinne as a coach no matter how large or small the challenges you are facing. This is a productive and positive experience.

Thanks for allowing me to express my deep appreciation for all that you have done for me. It is always time well spent!
— Cory F., Florence, AZ

I have known Corinne for the past year and a half as a coach.

Each time she has coached she brings her energy, sincerity and professionalism.

Corinne has supported me in our coaching conversations by having me think and take
action to move forward in my life.

Thank you Corinne. I would recommend and encourage you to engage Corinne
as a coach who cares about your success.
— D, Alberta, Canada