Corinne Underwood - founder of Choices for Sexual Health


Corinne Underwood

I  am the Chief Visionary and the Founder of Choices for Sexual Health.  My desire to change the world, sexually speaking, started at age 12.  Since I grew up in an era that did not openly embrace sexuality and was provided with limited sex education, I was desperate to learn as much as I could to formulate my own decisions.  I spent endless hours listening to a sex radio show when my parents thought I was sleeping.   I investigated, questioned and remained curious and open to every word and every concept, no matter how great.   As my body grew and changed, I also learned to navigate through my own personal needs and desires and to appreciate and honour the unique sexuality of myself and others.  My approach to sexuality is not "one size fits all".  Rather, it is one that is constantly adapting, like the very nature of sexuality itself.

I am passionate about pleasure.  I seek and embrace pleasure in all aspects of life – love, relationships, adventures, travel, nature, exercise and food.  Pleasure is infused in all engaging, tantalizing and humorous conversations I have.

When I am not talking pleasurably about sex, I spend my time skiing and hiking in the back-country, riding my motorcycle, cooking weird and wonderful food and loving my family including Bernard, our dog.

Having spent half of my lifetime immersed in higher education,  challenging systems, sexually experimenting, working in foreign countries and traveling the globe learning about cultural views associated with sex, my  life experience and professional education are now being offered through one comprehensive platform.

As a graduate of the Options For Sexual Health (OPT) -  Sexual Health Educator Certification program and a Certified Professional Coach through  the International Coaching Federation, I am a professionally trained Sexual Health Educator and Empowerment Coach who brings expertise, enthusiasm and dynamic and engaging presentation skills into homes and classrooms. I am a provincially certified Train-the-Trainer and educated in "Let's Talk" through Early Childhood Education.

I am a business executive, a mother, a lover, a partner, and a transformational leader who is committed to breaking down barriers to sexual education, communication, honesty, acceptance, authenticity and pleasure.  I am committed to changing the world one conversation at  time.

I am excited to work with you and for you to become part of the evolution of sex positivity.