Sex Positive Role Modelling


As a parent I am acutely aware of how positive role modelling impacts our kids. When kids are consistently surrounded with healthy choices, they will commonly choose health. This is no different with sex. There has been a lot of news recently regarding the changes to sex education in schools in Ontario. Those in power have decided that it is better for kids not to have comprehensive sex education with the belief that resorting to an outdated curriculum is better for youth and society overall.

Sex Positive Parenting

What is drastically being missed is the fact that studies have proven that comprehensive, sex - positive education not only empowers humans but it helps kids stay safe, decreases teen pregnancy and delays the age of intercourse. It also teaches us how to honor and respect our bodies, set healthy boundaries and understand the meaning and value of growth and connection. As parents, we are constantly trying to navigate through the vast amounts of information available.

With this information also comes layers of conditioning and societal rules. However, as a parent, being armed with the knowledge, confidence and the effort toward connecting with our kids is all we need to be successful in engaging them about their sexual health. Parents, not peers or media are the number one influencers.

It’s more important than ever to take matters into our own hands to ensure our kids get the support they need.

The conversations and messages start early. From infancy, when trust and attachment is established, to those curious little talkers, on through to the teen years when they are carving out their independence. There are everyday strategies you can use to support their sexual health. Many of them do not even directly relate to sex. The key thing to remember is that talking and connecting with children is preparation and preparation is prevention. You want to be the person your child confides in or asks their burning questions to when they need it most. There are real communication strategies that sex-positive parents use to lay the foundation and walk confidently through the path of parenthood, no matter the topic. No taboos. No shame. Just honest, loving support.

Refer to my video regarding the setting the foundation for sex positive parenting and the acronym WHAT:

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I am excited to offer you a wealth of services and resources to support your family’s success when it comes to strengthening sexual health talks with your child that lead to them making informed choices throughout their lifetime. If you have any questions or would like to chat with me one-on-one, visit the contact page to get started! I am so happy you’ve joined us!