Vulnerability – The Dance with Courage


Life is messy and throughout our lifetime we each will be faced with situations that we have not prepared for, that challenge us, cause us to question ourselves and force us to show up to our emotions and to be vulnerable.

For many, vulnerability is not only a scary word, it represents weakness or a kind of limitation. To be alive is to be vulnerable. When we embrace it, it moves us beyond our comfort zone to the uncomfortable but "real" and authentic self. Just like the very nature of life itself, vulnerability is experienced differently in every situation and the magnitude of vulnerability is not something that we can ever prepare ourselves for. We need to be willing to be present with ourselves and allow life to be just as it is meant in every experience.

Courage is accepting who you are and where you are at, every waking moment.


This takes work and commitment. Each one of us has a different relationship to vulnerability. For some, it will be immediate and transforming. For others, it will be slow and arduous. But, to get in touch with what we want on the deepest level, we need to go deep. That means that we need to listen to our inner voice; it means that we need to face our fears even if it means us making bold decisions that make us feel uncomfortable. Vulnerability is exposing ourselves without truly knowing the outcome.

Courage is accepting who you are and where you are at, every waking moment.

The Universal Human Experience

Vulnerability is about BEING – about accepting whatever is –good/bad; hurtful/happy. Once we fully understand this concept and embrace it, then vulnerability becomes a way of life rather than something we turn off or on. We cannot control others or control outcomes. We can take every opportunity, as painful as it can be, as a chance for growth and development. When we try to control outcomes and seize being vulnerable, we halt growth and ultimately, we prevent ourselves from connection with others.

No matter how each of us may suffer, we all experience it in various degrees throughout our lifetime. Despite any previous conditioning we may have had, when we replace judgement with empathy we cross the bridge to connection. Perceived barriers dissolve and genuine relationships reveal themselves. We need support from people we care about, and we need to mirror the same caring support. This builds trust and fosters emotional strength. It also aids us in respecting personal boundaries both for ourselves and those around us.

Intimacy and Physical touch

Intimacy and physical touch

There are healing qualities in physical touch and intimacy. This is different from sex. Sex is an incredible and important component of life; however, even in its absence, touch and intimacy is essential for connection, safety and well -being. Vulnerability in intimacy is the most profound connection people can share.

What is all the rush about?


Often life events happen to thrust ourselves wide open and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The greatest learning can occur when we slow down and reconnect. When we surrender to each experience, there is opportunity to appreciate the diverse intricacies of life, no matter how small. Ordinary things can be perceived differently and with gratitude, they can appear more colourful and meaningful.

Meditation, conscious relaxation and visualization is as important as movement. One without the other creates imbalance. The delicate merging of conscious thought with action is an ongoing education into one’s own psyche and the connection to our higher selves.

When we dance with courage and move with our stories, we create space for new experiences.

When we dance with courage and move with our stories, we create space for new experiences.

I invite you to behold the journey, find gratitude in every moment and be present to how the people around you are each trying to find their own path but with the knowing we truly all are connected on some level.

Always in support of you,